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OrgArticle Source: ArticlesBase. com Looking Into the Best Home Security System Products for ContractorsContractors these days offer more than building and maintaining homes. It is not surprising, for example, that contractors also offer security services by form of installing security systems into the homes they build or repair. The home security system products for contractors to offer to homeowners has been going for years. With the current trend of technologically enhanced and cheaper security products out in the market, contractors now have to compete just as well. AlarmsMost homes will have the basic security systems built into them already. This includes different home security products like alarms. There are all sorts of alarms as well. The typical alarm is the burglar alarm, either hard wired or wireless. They are installed by contractors to give homeowners a sense of security against burglars and intruders. Then there are other alarms, such as smoke or fire alarms.

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Most alarming is that half of those without systems just aren’t interested — today or under any offered conditions.

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Standard install fee $25.

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You can pick up motion sensor activated lights at most department and hardware stores for under $20.