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Security doors can be expensive, running into thousands for steel reinforced doors in steel frames. But there are cheaper options — a Burglarybuster Nightlock Pull Up Security Bar can be purchased for €69. This bar can be laid across external doors at night. It reinforces the lower part of the door and means efforts to knock it in will create far more noise — always effective in deterring burglars. Windows should be fitted with locks. For ease of use, you can arrange for all locks fitted to be opened with a single key.

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This isn’t exceptional when it comes to DIY home security, however, since many have cellular connections.

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Read ReviewAbode iota All In One Security Kit ReviewMSRP: $229.

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It has also a distinct feature of being connected to your personal computer, so whether you’re at home or not, you have all the means to see what’s happening in your home.

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This creates added importance to maintaining existing customers, and Parks Associates research shows these customers largely value price savings.